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[Angela] The Hyperaudio Lite Editor makes audio and video more accessible through the creation of captions and interactive transcripts.

The first step is to transcribe your content.

We use the Deepgram API which produces high quality transcripts in double- quick time. Deepgram are offering 45,000 minutes of transcription for free.

You can use the Deepgram token with this application.

[Angela] Once transcribed, you can correct the transcript and add speaker names between square brackets.

Just edit the transcript like you would any other text and we'll look after the timings.

When happy with your transcript, you can convert it to captions and tweak those captions within the editor.

Finally, you should be ready to export your transcript in a number of formats that you can associate with your audio visual media.

Use formats like interactive transcripts with the Hyperaudio Lite Library or WordPress module to integrate into your website.